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The Future of Agriculture

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Welcome to the Future of Agriculture and learn how biotechnology and agriculture are helping to shape the way for a sustainable future.

10 myths about farming to remember on your next grocery run

2nd August 2017 By Admin

Most of us don’t spend our days plowing fields or wrangling cattle. We’re part of the 99 percent of Americans who eat food but don’t produce it. Because of our intimate relationship with food and because it’s so crucial to our health and the environment, people should be very concerned about how it’s produced. But we don’t always get it right. Next time you’re at the grocery store, consider these 10 modern myths about the most ancient occupation. Read more…

The Daily Gazette: Pollinator protection funding good for state

20th July 2017 By Admin

July 19, 2017

Though some might say it’s been slow coming, summer is upon us.

For those of us in the landscaping and green management field, this is the time of year we live for. Being outdoors, in nature is one of the many benefits of working in the landscaping industry. Read more…

GMO grasses could provide healthier forage for livestock, reduce environmental impact

8th June 2017 By Admin

Grasses of the future will make animals healthier, more productive and reduce their impact on the environment.

AgResearch scientist Tony Conner said advances in modern grasses would bring many advantages to farming. Read more…