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Legislative Updates

On 29, Apr 2013 | No Comments | In Featured | By Admin

Legislative Updates from around the Northeast.








New Hampshire GMO bill defeated. 

“…labeling required under the bill would not tell consumers what was in the food, only that it had been genetically engineered. She said the label wouldn’t provide accurate information about the foods.”

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Vermont won’t pass labeling bill this year.

“With time ticking down in this year’s Vermont Legislative session, it’s becoming clear that lawmakers won’t pass a bill requiring labels on genetically modified food before wrapping up their work for 2013.”

Full story here:



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Forbes: Anti-GMO Junk Science

On 15, Mar 2013 | No Comments | In Featured, Portfolio | By Admin


This is a disturbing story about the abuse of the power of journalism and the trust of the public by one of the most, if not the most, influential food writers in the world.

Michael Pollan is a big deal, arguably more influential on agriculture policy than the Secretary of Agriculture. He is the author of five books, all best sellers, professor of journalism at the University of California-Berkeley and one of the most cited commentators on food related issues in the world, with more than 330,000 followers on Twitter, many of whom consider him a hero. Although the public perception of him is just the opposite, he is not a reputable science journalist or—by his own admission—an objective reporter—on organics or agriculture. Even more startling, Pollan admits—brags even—that he manipulates high profile stories on organics and crop biotechnology, particularly at the New York Times—and that the papers editors are willing dupes.

These are strong allegations, but they are not mine; they are Pollan’s own words. Read on.